Sydney Driscoll Neuroscience Foundation

A charity to support research and education in Neuroscience in Preston.

Our Vision

We began the Sydney Driscoll Neuroscience Foundation in 1989 with the aim of supporting education and research in Neuroscience at Preston.

The idea was to provide a resource to support high quality training for doctors, nurses, medical students and allied clinical teams working in the Neurosciences so that the knowledge and experience achieved would benefit patients and carers in the community we serve.

The aim of the Charity is to drive pioneering research at the forefront of Neuroscience. Our work will help to develop new treatments that will improve the lives of patients who have life-changing neurological diseases including Brain injury due to trauma, Brain cancer, Strokes, Brain haemorrhage, Multiple sclerosis, Epilepsy, Motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s disease.


We also support making state of the art technology available so challenging operations such as neuro-navigation (Satellite navigation of the brain and spine) and Augmented Reality are safer.

Our Foundation is based at the Department of Neuroscience in Preston, which serves a population of approximately two million people throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria. We admit around 6000 patients per year and perform around 2000 major life changing operations on the brain and spine.

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